...without hosting a giveaway, being featured on a large account, or using any automation sites.

The other day, I posted a photo on my personal Instagram account about lip fillers. I didn’t write anything polarising or inflammatory, I simply pointed people towards a blog post I’d written about my experience getting them, and my thoughts on why they’re not that big a deal anymore. I know a few people who hide the fact that they’ve had work done, or who avoid the subject completely, which I can understand. Not everyone is comfortable talking about these things openly.

However, I personally didn’t feel a desire to hide the fact and instead, actually wanted to do the opposite - put it all out there and talk about it. To me, cosmetic procedures are nothing to feel ashamed, embarrassed or awkward about.

Anyway, I digress. The photo received a higher number of likes than usual, though not by a huge amount - what was particularly interesting though was the number of comments it received. Almost 90 comments (including a few of my replies) total - 2 to 3 times more than usual.

I noticed another interesting effect - my follower growth increased during the rest of that afternoon and late into the evening. Instead of growing by maybe 20 new followers, I had gained 60 that day alone after posting that photo.

I hadn’t been featured anywhere else, I hadn’t been tagged by anyone else, I hadn’t to the best of my knowledge hit the explore page. I hadn’t even changed anything in my usual actions when liking and commenting on others, nor had I used any follow/unfollow tactics.

I simply posted about a topic that people wanted to weigh in on. In turn, that helped boost my engagement rate, meaning I was more likely to show up on not only my followers’ feeds, but in Top Posts for the hashtags I used.

This might be short and sweet, but the point is clear: it’s not always about the tricks and the strategies and the tactics - what works better than anything is posting about real life, interesting, useful, unusual or even controversial topics. Teach people something new. Share something very personal to you and be vulnerable. Open yourself up by talking about something you maybe have normally shied away from. Tell your followers something about you that they don’t know.

There’s a reason weight loss pages do so well - they share a very personal, sometimes even embarrassing or uncomfortable journey with a positive and achievable outcome. People can relate, people are inspired, people feel hope.

Create meaningful content, and the comments and follows will come. I promise. Just make sure you’re using the right hashtags to go with it!


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