Hey! I’m Kamara, luxury travel writer and creator of Euriental and an Instagram influencer based in London. Masters of Instagram was born from my passion for the platform and teaching others how to use it successfully for business, whether as an influencer or as a brand.

I'm here to help you learn the best practices and strategies to really grow your gram, build solid engagement and develop a community of raving fans/clients, whether you're looking to promote your business, brand or self.

I have worked with many travel brands, from luggage companies to tourism boards to hotels. For years I studied, researched, tested and implemented all the techniques necessary to edit, market and monetise my account and grow it to 10x its size. I am living proof that you don’t need a HUGE following to make money through your Instagram...and now I'm sharing ALL my knowledge with you!

Other tidbits: I've lived in some very different countries & cities around the world (Nigeria, Austria, Hong Kong, mainland China and the UK), I'm half English & half Chinese, I'm one of those people who coos over every dog they pass in the street (I have a German Shepherd back in Shanghai), I'm passionate about scuba diving and I have a B.Sc in Multimedia Technology & Design. So, that's me!

I hope in my store you'll find what you need, whether that's:

  • Niche, relevant hashtags to save you time and grow your following
  • Instagram highlight covers to really give your profile a sleek, professional and original look
  • Email templates to help you reach out to brands (as an influencer), or influencers (as a brand)
  • and more!

I also hope you'll enjoy the articles I take time to put on the blog full of advice, personal experience and general Instagram tips that I hope will help you to improve your presence on our favourite social media site!

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