Hey! I’m Kamara, luxury travel writer and creator of Euriental and an Instagram influencer & mentor based in London. Now you're wondering wtf an 'Instagram mentor' is. It's not as douchey (douch-y?) as it sounds, I promise! Basically, I'm here to help you learn the best practices and strategies to really grow your gram, build solid engagement and develop a community of raving fans/clients, whether you're looking to promote your business, brand or self.

 I have worked with many travel brands, from luggage companies to tourism boards to hotels. For years I studied, researched, tested and implemented all the techniques necessary to edit, market and monetise my account and grow it to 10x its size. I am living proof that you don’t need a HUGE following to make money through your Instagram...and now I'm sharing ALL my knowledge with you!

Other tidbits: I've lived in some very different countries & cities around the world (Nigeria, Austria, Hong Kong, mainland China and the UK), I'm half English & half Chinese, I'm one of those people who coos over every dog they pass in the street (I have a German Shepherd back in Shanghai), I'm passionate about scuba diving and I have a B.Sc in Multimedia Technology & Design. So, that's me!


Are you ready to learn the right techniques to help you really focus on attracting relevant, engaged and loyal followers and start growing your influence?