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15 page printable guide and workbook to take you through each step of collaborating with brands on Instagram as an influencer or blogger.

Struggling to know where to begin with collaborating with others? Need ideas on ways you can work with brands to grow your following and monetise your Instagram in an authentic way? Working with brands is a fantastic way to reach a new target group and broaden your audience as well as earn through the efforts you put into the photos you create for your account and your followers. Whereas once a brand might have turned to a magazine or a more traditional style of ad, influencers are now seen as being more authentic, relatable and - obviously - influential

So, if you're ready to start collaborating and growing your reach, this is the workbook for you.

  • Questions you need to ask yourself before you collaborate with a brand
  • Four main ways you can collaborate and what you need to know about each one
  • Workbooks to help you keep track of all the info you need during a collaboration
  • A giveaway template (plus examples) to help you successfully organise your first giveaway with a brand
  • An email proposal template for you to reuse over and over
  • A list of all the details you need to be clear on before reaching out to brands

This product contains INSTANT PDF downloadables.

Note: whilst this product is aimed at travel influencers and therefore features travel-related examples, the same practices and information can be applied to any niche.

*Are you a brand or business? I have a guide and workbooks to help you work with influencers, too! Please check out my shop for more.