Masters of Instagram
Refine your strategy, increase your engagement and build a genuine, loyal following.

This e-course was created with a real love and passion for the travel industry (and for Instagram!). As someone who is active in the travel industry in both my professional and personal life, I have seen one too many Instagram accounts of hotels, travel bloggers, travel brands and travel agents that just. aren’t. doing. themselves. any. favours.

I wanted so badly to share my knowledge with them, because with some adjustments, these Instagram accounts could be seeing amazing success and watching their followers become engaged, interested and trusting of them, eventually converting to customers.

So I decided to create this e-course.

What strategies will you learn? In 4 in-depth modules, you will get:

Prime your profile for success

  • 3 things your bio must include in order to fine-tune your account
  • An in-depth guide: clearly define your niche to attract your ideal followers
  • Defining Your Niche step-by-step workbook
  • 'How to define your ideal follower' workbook, so you can create appropriate content to attract that avatar going forward. It all starts here.


It's all about the content

  • 5 techniques for taking beautiful photos (even with a cameraphone)
  • The power of a cohesive theme and 5 proven ways to create yours
  • What content you should be posting (and what you shouldn't)
  • 4 methods you should use (every time) to ensure your content reaches fresh eyes
  • How to encourage and use user generated content to grow your 'gram.


Hashtags and maximising your reach

  • 5 effective methods for discovering your ideal hashtags
  • Uncover how to make it to Top Posts in your tags and start being seen
  • Leveraging community hashtags to grow your own account
  • Find Your Hashtags workbook
  • *VIP pre-sale BONUS*: List of 160+ travel related hashtags...and not just your everyday obvious ones! Including how many photos are currently used under each tag, and what type of photos would be most likely to reach top posts in each one (This normally sells for £17.99).


Community engagement and 'the hustle'

  • How to engage your audience once your content strategy is in place
  • *BONUS* 10 Calls to Action you can use
  • Using Instagram Stories to connect with your followers
  • 8 steps to successful giveaways/contests
  • *BONUS* Giveaway/Competition template and examples
  • The power of collaborations - 5 ways to collaborate with others in your niche
  • The step by step guide to reaching out to others (and a detailed list of things you need to be clear on before you do so)
  • How to maintain a high rate of engagement and growth.

That's not all!
You'll also get another special VIP pre-sale bonus available only if you purchase before the course goes live:

*VIP pre-sale BONUS*: Real tried & tested templates for reaching out to influencers (as a brand), and for reaching out to brands/businesses (as an influencer) (£27 value).

Pre-sale price: £149 only £69.

  • You are a travel brand, business or blogger and you realise the importance (and influence) of social media in today's world.
  • You struggle to reach your target market on Instagram - or even to get new followers.

  •  You want to understand how to increase engagement on your photos.

  • You’re ready to focus your niche down and start getting meaningful results  -  in other words, relevant followers that convert to paying customers.

  • You’re overwhelmed with all the info that gets thrown at you and just want an organised, step by step system.

  • You’re not sure what specific hashtags you should really be using and how to find them,  or the ones you do use aren’t getting your page seen by the right people.

  • You feel overwhelmed by all the Instagram lingo and the constant changes :  Instagram’s ‘algorithm’,  hashtagging, geotagging, shoutouts, takeovers, shadow-banning, etc.

  • You want genuine, relevant followers and visitors, not just to get your follow count up quickly by any means necessary.

  • You find yourself worrying that you are falling behind the digital marketing world.

  • You want to focus on quality and value over simply being popular and having “good numbers”.

  • You simply haven’t got a clue where to start improving your strategy.


Masters of Instagram is bursting with all the information you’ll need to start working on your account from a focusedprofessional perspective, including plenty of bonuses such as downloadable work sheets, tear sheets and checklists with actionable tasks to participate in from the get-go.

  • You aren’t willing to put in the effort and make necessary changes.
  • You are already kicking ass on Instagram. You don’t need my help! ;)

  • You expect instant, unrealistic results.

  • You tell yourself you don’t have the time to put in any work.


Instead of spending weeks or months trying to figure it out on your own, it’s all here - packaged into a neat and clearly presented course for you. If you've been feeling frustrated, burned out, exhausted and uninspired - I've been there. I understand you...and I can help. Let’s erase the confusion and instead escalate your success in (and enjoyment of!) using Instagram.

You’ll come away feeling much more focused, with clearly defined goals and strategies in place and a clear picture of what your account needs to look like, who exactly you are targeting and what how you will reach your ideal followers.

Ready to do this? Instead of the full price of £149, you will receive the entire course and all bonuses for less than HALF the price, at only £69.


I am a total Instagram novice and have no idea what I'm doing! Is this course too advanced for me?

There may be some basic knowledge I don't go too deep into (such as what a hashtag is, or what 'tagging' someone means) because the info will be obvious to anyone who has been using Instagram for a while already (or it'll be something you can easily Google the answer to), but every strategy and system I introduce will be explained clearly and you won't need any sort of specialist or technical knowledge for my techniques. Just a curious mind and a willingness to make an effort to implement them!

I have been on Instagram for a while already so I know quite a bit - is this course for me or is it only for beginners?

It's absolutely for you. Whilst I do go through some of the fundamentals that you need to perfect before you can move on to the meatier strategies, the content I teach is all based on in-depth testing and trial & error from years of experience and this course goes a LOT deeper than just the 'basics'. 

I'm interested, but I'm also considering another Instagram course. How is this different?

This isn't just your bog-standard "how to grow your Instagram" course, this is a tailor-made system especially for you, a travel industry professional or creative.  There are real-life tear sheets and examples all featuring travel brands and businesses, first-hand tips from travel industry Instagrammers, hotels, tourism boards and more, plus all my content is written and designed with the travel industry specifically in mind. You won't find another Instagram course so precisely attuned to your niche.

I haven't even started my account yet, should I wait to set up a profile first?

While you will need an account set up first in order to actually implement anything I teach, I do go through all the essentials you'll need in place before the 'real work' begins. So you can dive into the course at any stage, no problem.

As this is a pre-sale, what will happen after I buy?

You will receive a confirmation email and a receipt for your purchase. Please keep this safe! You will receive an email update on course progress, and of course the instant it is available online you will be the first to know and will be granted immediate access.

How long will I have access to the course for once it launches?

You'll have full lifetime access to all course material and bonuses. This means any time the course is updated or new bonuses are added, you'll receive these too. Deal?